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In the past few years I’ve worked with Spectres, Heavy Lungs, LICE, Wych Elm, Scalping, Giant Swan, The Naturals, Pet Shimmers & Edward Penfold... to name a few. I've had tracks playlisted on BBC Radio 1 & BBC 6 Music.

I grew up playing in bands in the South West and then settled in Bristol. I was much more a musician than a recording engineer but had always played the role of recording our demos. This background gives me a deeper insight into the musicians perspective and allows me to be more hands on. I understand the need for a performance to not only sound right, but feel right for the player.

I ended up making many bedroom recordings for my band, then other local bands asked me to make their records. So I did, with minimal gear in a small bedroom, learning the hard way. I went on to record at some pro studios, but was never happy with the edited-to-death outcome. So I set out to find a balance of capturing performances whilst producing pro records.

This led to me building a studio in an Old Malthouse in Bristol, aptly named ‘The Malthouse’. I opened the studio in 2013 after joining forces with Hugo Bishop.

After engineering records, bands started to ask me to take on more of a production role. I treat each project individually as each band has varying needs. It may be that I help with writing, arrangements and I often play on the record. Equally, I know when to step back and be the knob twiddler. Much of the time it’s about getting the artist into the right mind frame to give the right performance.

In 2016, we bought an Otari MX70 16 track 1” tape machine from James Wilkes from ‘The Orchard rooms’. I enjoy the workflow of tape. Pushing musicians for performances instead of reaching for a plug-in or quick fix. It stops you getting bogged down in things that don't matter. I am also surprised by the way I use my ears more effectively when not having a screen to look at. They prick up and hear the details better.

I now generally work in a hybrid analogue and digital set up using the best of both worlds. The tape for the essence and the digital for the ease.

After years of collaboration with 'Spectres' I joined the band in 2018. I am also a guitarist and bass player in Edward Penfold’s band and I'm currently working on albums with both bands.

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